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*** Red Heat 香蕉配芒果簡單生果PROTEIN SMOOTHIE ***

&PREMIUM GREN日本多功能SuperFood超級纖維蛋白粉(Red Heat)20G 
・椰子水: 100ml



1.) 只需將所有材料,加入到攪拌機中攪拌.
2.) 完成後,倒入喜歡的玻璃杯中享用。

**可以在PROTEIN SMOOTHIE上添加格蘭諾拉麥片或水果做裝飾。


Banana Mango Smoothie recipe


・1 packet (=2 tbsps)  Redheat Protein
・1 frozen banana
・4 frozen mango chunks
・100ml coconut water
・200ml soy / nut milk


1. Blend all the ingredients in a high-speed blender or food processor.
2. Pour into your favorite glass, jar or even a bowl. Maybe add some granolas or fruit on top, and just enjoy the fruity smoothie!!



日本多功能 Super Food 超級纖維蛋白粉(Red Heat) / 20g

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